The Process So Far...

2019 - Feasibility study

Following a meeting of property owners, occupiers, residents and representatives of the local authorities, initiated by Cadogan a Feasibility Study was commissioned to examine the case for establishing a Business Improvement District as a vehicle for change and improvement.

The Feasibility Study actively sought the views of leading stakeholders in and around the district including landowners, retailers, hoteliers, resident and amenity groups, local authorities, community leaders and neighbouring institutions. Encouraged by stakeholder feedback, businesses were united in their desire for a strong strategic vision for the district based upon a mix of high-end luxury retail with complementary uses of appropriate quality and a revival of local shops and restaurants and amenities for residents and employees, together with enhanced public realm to create a more pleasant pedestrian experience.

The Study highlighted the need for a clear vision for the future of the district, which falls within two local authority areas and is divided by the Brompton Road. The Feasability Study can be seen here.

2019-2020 – Establishing the ambition

The feasibility study suggested that the establishment of a Business Improvement District for Knightsbridge and Brompton Road was both viable and feasible if approached in a considered and strategic manner.

An ambition for exploring a Business Improvement District was established, together with the formation of a Steering Group to lead the process forward. Engagement continued with key businesses and wider stakeholders to explore in more detail the opportunity of establishing a BID.

2020 – Strategic Vision

In 2020 the Brompton Road Partnership commissioned a study by Arup to develop the framework for a strategic vision for the area based on a wide range of robust evidence.

The strategic vision, together with feedback from business and the wider community will inform the work of the BID once established.

2020-21 - Brompton Road Partnership

In December 2020, responding to the postponement of the BID ballot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of local businesses led by Cadogan formally established and funded the Brompton Road Partnership.

The Partnership was tasked with creating and maintaining momentum towards the establishment of a BID together with commencing a number of incubator projects for the BID to take forward and deliver once established.

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