Supporting COVID-19 recovery

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Supporting COVID-19 recovery

During 2020, the Brompton Road district has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a vaccine in place, April 2021 onwards seems to provide light at the end of the tunnel, and we can begin to rebuild visitor confidence and navigate a recovery plan for Brompton Road.

The Brompton Road BID will play a vital role in ensuring the recovery and growth of Knightsbridge and the Brompton Road as we start to rebuild after COVID-19.

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the need for retail districts to evolve to meet changing customer demands and trends, for example on sustainability, digitalisation and experiential shopping.

For the International Centres the impact has been greater, with most international travel halted. High spending tourists from outside Europe are likely to be the last visitor segment to return.

The long-term impact on behaviour change is yet to be seen. This is why it is vital that businesses, communities and local authorities work together to assess and respond to these structural changes and agree the best ways to ensure the future sustainability of their district.

The BID's response will focus on two distinct but commected elements of local recovery. First, it will coordinate, with partner businesses, a district wide programme of activities to attract visitors back to the Brompton Road as pandemic restrictions lift. Secondly, it will work with residents, local community groups and our two councils to ensure that the economic recovery benefits the wider local community, in terms of employment and training opportunities and building back a better, more sustainable district for all.

The BID will:

  • Provide leadership helping to create a clear strategy with partners for the safe and sustainable recovery of the Brompton Road economy.
  • Position itself at the forefront of the recovery plan for Brompton Road through innovative and creative thinking, initiatives and activities.
  • Establish the clear and realistic vision of a district renowned for high-end luxury shopping and complementary uses of appropriate quality but which also encourages the growth of a wide range of local amenities for people who live and work in the district.
  • Encourage businesses and authorities to adopt that vision as an incentive and a guide for future investment and decision making.
  • Encourage businesses and authorities to work together on the practical measures needed to create a district that will attract the investment, businesses and visitors envisaged in the vision.
  • Help maintain and develop a destination of excitement and memorable experiences for visitors, workers and the local community.
  • Work with business partners to explore a district wide digital strategy as part of the attraction to visitors, employers and residents.
  • Add significant additional value to the area’s promotional and communication programme to ensure that recovery plans are well-resourced and sustainable over a five-year period.

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