Westminster City Council & Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

A key relationship will exist between the BID and the two local Councils. Westminster City Council and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are the main determining authorities in respect of the streets and properties in the area of the BID. Two important agreements will exist between the BID and the two Councils:

  • An Operating Agreement which outlines how the BID levy monies are collected, administered and passed over to the BID.
  • A Baseline Agreement which specifies the level of Council led service provision in the area, ensuring that any services the BID provides are additional.

*To view the Operating Agreement and Baseline Agreement go to

Property Owners

Property owners in the area will be encouraged to join the BID on a voluntary basis and help inform the more longer-term objectives of the organisation. As set out in the membership criteria, membership will be on the basis of a financial contribution towards the overall management of the BID or towards specific projects the BID seeks to advance.

Voluntary Members

Businesses of all sizes are important to the BID. The BID will maintain a voluntary membership scheme for businesses falling beneath the BID levy threshold or outside of the BID’s geographical area. In particular, this will provide smaller businesses the opportunity to engage with, and benefit from, the BID, while not being compelled to contribute a mandatory levy. By enabling businesses with a rateable value of less than £50,000 to provide a voluntary levy the BID will be able to enhance the level of the annual budget.

Residential Community

There is a significant residential community within Knightsbridge and the Brompton Road; a community proud of the area’s heritage and status and keen to protect its future wellbeing.

Engaging with the wider community, those that work and live in the area, will be an important part of the BID's work plan to help deliver an improved sense of place for all to enjoy and benefit from. The BID will communicate and work with the local community and provide an opportunity for wider views to be embraced within the BID’s decision making.

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