Leveraging the International Centre

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Leveraging the International Centre

Knightsbridge is one of two International centres formally designated by the Mayor in his London Plan and recognised in The Kensington and Chelsea Local Plan and the Westminster City Plan.

The designation provides the opportunity to promote policies at national and local level which specifically apply to the International Centres. These could include enhanced levels of street management, better policing or even Sunday trading regulations, all of which reflect and support the International Centre status. Throughout the BID will seek to mitigate any impact of commercial activity on residential areas.

The BID will provide the opportunity for our district to work together with the West End International Centre BID, other BIDs and our local authorities to promote this part of central London as a truly global destination.

The BID will:

  • Take the lead in ensuring that Knightsbridge retains and enhances its position as an International Centre in the face of increasing global competition.
  • Work with the West End International Centre to establish the importance of the International Centres to the economies, job provision and global appeal of London and the UK more widely.
  • Identify and promote policies that protect, enhance and benefit the International Centre and its businesses so that they can continue to hold their own against our competitor global districts.
  • Identify and promote areas where the International Centre designation requires approaches different from the rest of London:
    • Higher level of street services
    • Better quality public realm
    • Enhanced security
    • World leading sustainability measures
    • CSR positioning that reflects world leadership
  • Use media and social media to promote the corporate interests and positioning of the International Centre and establish the BID as a valued resource for journalist, government, trade bodies and other influencers.
  • Work with businesses and destination marketing bodies to maximise the impact of consumer marketing within existing budgets and programmes.

Destination Marketing

The BID will seek to encourage visitors, working with partners on targeted, district-wide events and marketing to promote the district.

Destination marketing is pivotal to ensuring Knightsbridge and the Brompton Road continues to retain its national and international standing as an attractive place to invest, live and work, and a major attraction for domestic and international tourists, specifically for high-end luxury shopping, with complementary attractions of appropriate quality.

This clear vision, and the improvements made to realise it, will also enhance the district’s attraction as an office location for specific sectors of the economy.

The BID will:

  • Support, maintain and enhance its position to build the image of a must visit destination and an international business address.
  • Enhance the reputation of Knightsbridge and Brompton Road.
  • Promote a cohesive identity to businesses, tourists and Londoners and create a powerful message that resonates as strongly with international audiences as it does with those from London and the rest of the UK.
  • Work with businesses and neighbouroing attractions to deliver an effective and affortable programme of events and marketing opportunities to promote the district.

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