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5-year Business Plan for the Brompton Road Business Improvement District

For some years, the look and the feel of the International Centre of Knightsbridge, centred on the Brompton Road, has been deteriorating. Despite islands of excellence in stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols, amongst others, the wider area is falling behind competitor districts in London and throughout the world.

The public realm is deteriorating. The Brompton Road traffic creates an unpleasant pedestrian environment and cuts the district in two. The levels of anti-social behaviour and street crime are increasing. The area is changing with a growth of uses that are felt incongruous for an International Centre.

The time has come for a strategic approach to be taken towards the management and planning of the area and to its retail landscape, one that involves a collective approach from all key stakeholders and complements the individual investments being made by property owners and retailers.

Sensing the need that "something must be done" Hugh Seaborn of Cadogan initiated a meeting of landlords, occupiers, residents and representatives of the local authorities in 2018. This led to the establishment of a stakeholder partnership and subsequently a feasibility study was commissioned in 2019, to explore the issues in more depth and examine the case for establishing a Business Improvement District as a vehicle for change and improvement.

The added challenge of COVID-19, which has disproportionately hit retail and hospitality businesses, particularly those that rely heavily on international visitor spending, has reinforced the need for action. The immediate priority is recovery, and the longer-term aim is to create sustainable viability and growth within the district.

This document is a proposal to businesses on Knightsbridge and the Brompton Road to work together to create a Business Improvement District and deliver, with partners, a plan to transform the district into one that reflects its International Centre status and is sympathetic to and respectful of, the surrounding residential area. The Business Improvement District will help businesses to overcome the damage caused by COVID-19 and secure a long term future by creating and managing a district that appeals to visitors, investors, employees and residents alike.

It will provide a voice for Knightsbridge businesses to encourage closer working with our two local authorities and Transport for London to identify, secure and deliver investment to enhance our district. A BID will help businesses to engage with local residents to create, together, improvements that benefit the whole local community.

This is the opportunity to work together and invest potentially over £6 million into recovery over the next five years, to respond to challenges, seize opportunities and lead the way to securing future vitality by delivering the changes that our businesses want to see.

Vote 'Yes' to the Brompton Road BID.

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