Driving Transformational Change

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Driving Transformational Change

Investment is key to an area’s long-term success, and investors require confidence that there will be a return. We must ensure that Knightsbridge and Brompton Road remains a key commercial centre in the face of increased London-wide and global competition.

The BID will be the leading voice on the future of the area’s built environment and public realm.

Popular destinations have a strong sense of place and a steady investment pipeline. Through ongoing consultation, the BID will bring together the private and public sector to input into the schemes and make the changes happen that will benefit our whole community.

The public realm improvement plans, developed within our strategic vision, view the area holistically and propose a series of schemes which look at the challenges and opportunities for the district in the following areas:

  • Transport impacts and connectivity
  • Quality of place and the urban experience
  • Retail attractiveness and agility
  • Visitor experience
  • Long term sustainability – especially from an environmental perspective

*The Arup report can be viewed at bromptonroadbid.co.uk.

A quality streetscape is essential for the area to attract businesses, retain staff and enhance the visitor experience. Well-managed streets will be an integral part of our commitment to delivering a world-class destination. The BID will not only align its transformation plans with existing agreed local plans, such as the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan, but help to deliver some of those plans’ priorities.

The BID will produce a short-list of priority projects, based largely on the long-list of suggested projects produced in the Arup Study. The choice of projects will reflect the priorities of the BID but also take into account comments made by resident and amenity groups regarding the need to mitigate the impact of commercial activities on neighbouring residential areas.

The BID can focus businesses support for the ambitions of our local authorities, for example through practical measures to respond to the climate emergency, such as freight consolidation and waste reduction.

The BID will:

  • Propose and promote the adoption and delivery of specific highways and transport, public realm, and street management improvements, taking account of existing proposals from local amenity groups such as the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Forum, to create and maintain a district which is more attractive for customers to visit, residents to live in, and employees to work in, while reflecting the importance of car access in a high end luxury retail district.
  • Define and promote priority transport projects that can be realistically delivered (over a range of timescales) and will have the most positive impact on the district and on business performance. There will be particular emphasis on ideas to minimise the negative impact of the traffic on the Brompton Road, for example by giving greater pedestrian priority and better crossings to create a stronger link between each side of the road. The BID will always be conscious of the particular importance of car access in an area of high-end luxury retail and will seek to innovative ways of creating a more harmonious mix.
  • Define and promote public realm projects that can be delivered and will enhance both the district and business performance . The BID will work with local authorities, TfL and businesses to bring forward ideas for better paving, more appropriate street furniture; new Legible London signage to guide people around the district; and taking every opportunity to increase green spaces and wellbeing hotspots for residents, employees and visitors.
  • Comment on proposed developments and on proposed changes to local planning and licencing regulations to ensure they support the delivery of the Strategic Vision.
  • Provide additional street management services in partnership with our local authorities. These could include enhanced cleansing to make the district look and feel more cared for; a larger, more visible and more coordinated security presence to make everyone feel safer; a greater emphasis on managing anti-social behaviour and tackling street crime. The BID will explore with partners a range of innovative approaches to create a cleaner, safer and more welcoming district for visitors, employees and residents.
  • Explore options for appropriate digital infrastructure to support the growth of businesses in the International Centre and retain national and international competitiveness.
  • Employ an Ambassador service as a public face of the BID. Their core services will encompass customer service, the provision of information, event management, monitoring the street environment, helping to manage anti-social behaviour, working with the police to reduce crime, providing an additional presence to enhance visitor wellbeing, and generally supporting the statutory services in maintaining the quality of the street environment.
  • Be a catalyst and local focus for the district to ensure that it takes seriously its environmental responsibilities within the context of local authority climate emergency plans and as Britain heads towards a zero-net carbon economy.

Together these improvements will help local businesses to grow by making our shopping district more attractive and welcoming to visitors, employees and local residents so that they visit more often and spend more time in our shops and restaurants. And throughout we will work with local residents to ensure that any investment also enhances their lives while mitigating any potentially negative impacts.

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